Samplitude Music Studio Download version 15.0

Samplitude Music Studio Download version 15.0

Download, arrange and edit, and finally export and use your own music!
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Samplitude Music Studio is a multitrack recording and editing application for all types of audio material featuring unlimited editing options. It's easy to use and follows three simple steps:
1. Download and record
You can download CD tracks, MP3 songs, wave files, video soundtracks, or sounds & samples from the hard disk, the CD ROM drive, or the Internet. You can even make your own recordings from a stereo system or with a microphone. Everything you download or record is displayed as an object on the Arranger's tracks.
2. Arrange and edit
Basically, all tracks stacked virtually above each other will be played simultaneously, and everything that follows horizontally will be played in subsequent order. However, you can mute the objects stacked above each other.
Every object – that is, every sound, every song – can be cut up or have effects added. For example, if you want to shorten a song, move the object with your mouse to the length at which you would like the song to be and it’s done! Want to freshen up your sound? Then open the equalizer and either select a preset that fits, or modify your sound "by hand".
Arranging and editing is essentially all about cutting, blending, adding, mixing effects, and placing audio material into the right positions and into the right tracks. But it's also about play and experimentation. Samplitude Music Studio allows you to experiment, and experiment wildly. There's no risk of your audio material being damaged. All editing functions are "non-destructive".
3. Export and use
Regardless of what you're experimenting with, in the end something usable should come out of it. Samplitude Music Studio has everything you need to make it:
• Homemade audio CDs which can be played from any standard CD player
• Unique MP3 collections as a source for your MP3 player
• Personal direct publications in the MAGIX web publishing area, the online forum for creative musicians, beginners, and professionals
Some of the most remarkable features of this professional tool are the following:
• Synthesizer
• Equalizer (graphic and parametric)
• DirectX and VST plug-ins
• MIDI integration
• High-end 32-bit floating point
• 24-bit playout & native editing
• MAGIX Jam Session automation
• Manager & explorer
• Track editor
• MAGIX Remix Agent
• Track freezing
• Batch processing
• ASIO driver support
• Friendlier user interface
• Task assistant
You can try this application for a period of 7 days expandable to 30 days. If you like it, you can buy it on any retail store or online at the MAGIX store on the Internet, for 74.99 dollars.

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  • It features a very intuitive interface
  • You can buy it for a very affordable price considering the application abilities
  • It has several prearranged workspaces according the users’ needs


  • It offers a kind of short trial period for the complexity of the application
  • The trial downloadable file is very large
  • Use on network is not available


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